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 Applicatio to join

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PostSubject: Applicatio to join   Fri Jun 20, 2008 10:30 am

1. Do you live in South-West? If not,dont apply.
Yes (Teutons village)

2. Why do you want to join IS* forces?
I'm looking to give and get support for the sole purpose of making this game more enjoyable.

3. Do you farm anyone?

4. Is anyone farming you?
Yes, But untill now i can handle that

5. How many troops do you have right now?
100+ and growing

6. How much is your population right now?
302 and growing

7. Have you been in other alliances. If yes, which alliance(s) and why did you leave?
[5*RH] - They don`t have team spirit

8. How often are you playing?
I check multiple times a day

9. Are you in any conflicts?

10. What is your playing style?
Economy supplemented with raiding. Mainly defensive, but I maintain offensive capacity

11. Are you a teamplayer who will do your best for the alliance?
Yes, for sure

12. What do you consider as teamplay?
Encouraging responsible play and tactics that don't deplete the resources of the team. Supporting those that are in trouble, those that are preparing to move to another stage of development and helping coordinate and helping with different defensive and offensive stratagem

13. Are you active on forum?

14. Link to your profile. (nothing special)

15. Why should we pick you? Tell us a little about yourself and what you intend to do if you are accepted into the alliance.
I am more than willing to help out others in need. The whole point of playing Travian for me is to enjoy playing Travian and I find most things are more fun with groups reaching towards a higher goal. I don't intend on asking for a ton of support. I'd rather delete my account than be a burden. Also, I've been interested in joining IS* (or one of its arms) for a while and as such doubled my army size in the past 2 days.

16. How would you coordinate a take-over ? *experience test*
Depends on the situation.

If it were just my lonesome and the person was just someone I wanted to destroy (much rather would like to get a farm out of the situation), I'd start off as history has shown: Break defensive structures (walls) while targeting industrial plants (stonemasons, stables, barracks). I would launch several consecutive attacks feigning attacks on other villages or (if I know they are online) to get them to clear their attack army from the village.

If I was coordinating for a group target (assuming target as more than one village) the process is not too dissimilar. I would avoid active scouting unless the attack were to take place at a moments notice (IM networking required) and previous encounters established an online pattern for target. I would look into what each member of the attacking force had to offer in terms of capability (there may be someone more capable to catapult or to ram walls or to provide troops for feigned attack (for weaker members of the attack party). Then the general idea would be to launch the attacks in sequence such that all attacks (fake and real) reach all target villages simultaneously.
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PostSubject: Re: Applicatio to join   Fri Jun 20, 2008 2:33 pm

Rejected, Mainly for copying another application Wink
WE AINT NO FOOLS! :p Basketball
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Applicatio to join
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